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Create and manage workflows within your organization.

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Everything in Individual +

  • Authorize documents
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For complex organizations, or for public sector entities.

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Everything in Standard +

  • Custom forms and reports
  • On-premise or gov. cloud hosting
  • 3rd party API integrations
  • Concierge migration

Organization Profile


SALESIndividual StandardEnterprise
Web Shopnoyesyes
FinanceIndividual StandardEnterprise
OperationsIndividual StandardEnterprise
Inventory & Warehousenoyesyes
Requisition Slipsnoyesyes
RFPs, RFIs, RFQsnoyesyes
Purchase Ordersnoyesyes
MARKETINGIndividual StandardEnterprise
Job Adsnoyesyes
HUMAN RESOURCESIndividual StandardEnterprise
Time Sheetsnoyesyes
Leave Requestsnoyesyes
DRIVEIndividual Standard Enterprise
Files and Folders*noyesyes
SUPPORTIndividual Standard Enterprise
Concierge MigrationContact UsContact UsContact Us

* Starting charge for 50GB Storage unit/month is $3. Additional Storage Units can be purchased at a monthly price of $3/50GB

Frequently Asked Questions

Get honest (non-salesy) answers to your top questions about switching to Linxpot.

Is Linxpot built for an organization like mine?

Linxpot is a perfect business management tool for any micro, small, or medium-sized organization.

Whether you have 2 employees or 2,000, your work flow will always follow a common concept of data management and traceability. As your operations grow, Linxpot scales too.

Is there a way to try Linxpot before I pay?

There is a fully-functional 90-day free trial period.

That way you can try out your workflow model within the application and make an informed decision as to whether Linxpot fits your needs.

What is the difference between Personal Profile and Organization Profile?

Personal Profiles are basic user accounts on top of which Organization Profiles can be created. Personal Profiles are always free!

Under Organization Profiles, Individual seats are also free.  Standard and Professional seats are free to be used for 90 days. During the trial period every feature can be utilized, there are no exceptions. And after the trial period ends, monthly charges may kick in, depending on the overall seat configuration.

What is the definition of active seat/active employee?

Linxpot supports both active and archived seats (employees) within the same Organization Profile. In our pricing model we refer to active seats (employees) only.

Archived employees are never charged!

This means if there are active employees within a billing cycle, Organization Profile owner will be charged for it.

But if some employees are archived for a period of 30 days or more,  Organization Profile owner will not be charged for those employees.

However, all their data will remain retained. Organization Profile owners or HR managers will be able to re-activate them at any time with just a few clicks.

This flexibility is ideal for seasonal organizations that may experience significant increases in workforce only for a few months a year.

How do you calculate monthly charges?

Every month we charge only for employees that are active within your Organization Profile over the current month.

In addition to that charge, we also charge Organization Accounts for minimum 1 additional file storage unit.

How many Organization Workspaces can I create?

During the trial period you can create as many Organization Profiles as you need.

However, after the trial period ends for each Profile, you will be charged according to the number of billable active employees within each Profile.

Note: The owner of the Organization Profile counts as an active employee and cannot be archived until ownership is transferred to another active employee within the Organization Profile.

We are a professional association and we have large membership. Do we have to pay fees for each member?

If you are managing members (volunteers) that are not fully employed by your organization, you will not be charged for their activities as long as you keep them assigned to Individual seats.

If I don’t like Linxpot, can I request a refund?

After the trial period expiration, charges are calculated every first day of the month for the upcoming month.

This means after the initial 90-day free trial, you will have to agree to subscription terms and will be first charged 30 days after the end of your trial period.

Can you help me move my old data into Linxpot?

We offer an efficient and fast data migration service from your current applications or paperwork to Linxpot.

We know exactly where to start and what questions to ask in order to properly configure your Organization Profile.

Do you offer free customer support?

We are always available for our users to ask us about Linxpot logic, and how would their own workflow fit in.


The integration has proven to be exceptional

"Linxpot is a very valuable tool for our shipyard operation - Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises Ltd. It is central and core to all aspects of running our business - inventory, warehousing, invoicing, purchase orders, employee records, communication requirements with our suppliers, customers and employees. The integration of project management protocols, quality management system and report capabilities of Linxpot have proven to be exceptional and have dramatically improved the efficiency of the company."

Paul Lannon - General Manager and Partner at Harbour Grace Ocean Industires Ltd.

Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises Ltd. is a marine vessel repair, refit and construction company. We service steel hull and fiberglass hull vessels and provide all services from painting, fiberglass repairs, steel repairs, fabrication of parts and equipment, engine, mechanical and electrical overhaul. Our shop is a lean manufacturing centre, with an ISO 9001-program, offering high quality and competitive services for the fishing industry, coast guard vessels, tug and barge companies and the offshore energy sector.

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